ACI links the different colombian companies comprising the foreign trade business market, both import- & exportwise, to the service purveying sector on behalf of underwriting, insurance coverage, loss prevention, claim handling, imbursement management, salvage sales, loss minimizing, claim investigation, attorney´s at law, forwarding, customs clearance, sea- and airport handling, specialized photography, packing, stowing and warehousing, taylor-made consultancies, market target analysis, transport conveyances and other relevant services and purvoyors envolved in this demanding sector of modern, world wide, shipping of all kind of merchandises.

Management is offered by european personell, specialized and trained on the forwarding and marine insurance coverage sector, purveying swift, flexible and deep know-how overall combined to none-bureaucratic, none-delay, ethical and fast troubble - shooting procedures.

Departement heads, work procedures and main control is provided by a nationwide net of well trained and skilled representatives in mayour cities; dependable and highly specialized tecnitians and engineers working for ACI directly and by outsourcing; a wide range of companies plus various independent specialists on different fields acting for ACI as sub-contractors; each of the aforementioned filling a gap regarding specific topics and transforming ACI into the one-and-only solid and dependable partner to help your company to manage, resolve, consult and define solutions to all matters relevant to the foreign trade business.

Direct, “hands-on” work is provided by surveyors, inspectors, photographs, packers, tecnitians, engineers and other carefully choosen staff members, trained and skilled by own ACI standards and policies, as well as filtered in different aspects of their work history, recommendations and private surroundings.

Final certification tasks, client handling, closure of procedures and follow-ups until client´s satisfaction and searched-for result, is secured and guaranteed by multi-lingual, international, flexible, high-leveled personell, each of them a skilled and dependable partner closing the whole circle in the main interest of the client.

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