ACI was created after various small, specialized loss adjusting, surveying and claim handling companies decided to leave Colombia due to political and safety uncertainess, while others were sold to big combines or merged into unflexible, large corporations.

This sudden lack of specialized loss adjusting, quality inspection, surveying, consultancies and similar services regarding foreign trade, marine insurance, forwarding and customs triggered the need to fill this gap, requirement swiftly visualized by various european first class professionals working with and purveying services and consultancies to foreign trade business in and around Colombia.

With mayour interest in a punctual, detailed, specialized, flexible, swift and personalized service, a package of high quality management, staff and work procedures, under european guidelines, was designed and a nation wide net of experienced, thorough representatives and outsourced service purveyors, created, all together providing the guarantee for high turn-over regarding work standards and results.

ACI, now being able to provide the foreign trade business in Colombia with a specialized tool and a service palette tailored to the specific customer┬┤'b4s desires and needs, turned to the underwriting and insurance covering companies, forwarding agencies, attorneys at law buffetts and other related service purvoyors at origin as well as destination and closed this service loop, becoming their representative and mayour, valuable link.

Knowing the trade, its details and specific demands regarding colombian regulations and intrinsec procedures, having the contacts to the service requesting clients both export- and importwise, representing the service purveyors abroad and offering a professional and highly specialized work team managed by an experienced european main board, gave ACI the needed edge to promote its services and today grants ACI the solid position to continue to provide the local foreign trade business with the utmost quality and ethical service.

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